23. kesäkuuta 2016

Traveling collectors' guide to Finland -Helsinki-

I wanted to make a small guide to people like collectors or just general toy buyers for children, who might want to know where to find various toys and such things when visiting Finland. First part will be about Helsinki and some general info on other places also.

So~  There's a high change if you are traveling to Finland, you end up at capital city Helsinki.
I'm a tourist myself since I have not lived there, but I certainly have been there for numerous times and gathered knowledge of various places where I like to visit.

Random basics for foreign travellers:
If you know or speak English you should survive just fine, most of the people in Finland know English. People can turn a bit shy or awkward when they try to speak other languages.
Don't ever start small talk or touch Finnish people, unless you are familiar with them.

If you want to travel when it's warmer, altought summers are still very cool, sunny and there's plant life, I suggest between May and August. July is usually warmest of months, but tempeture still rarely exeeds 30 celsius, but in direct sunlight it can get a bit hot.
If you want snow I suggest January and February. Climate change has turned November and December into pretty much snowless months in southern Finland and other months are pretty gloomy and cool also.

Remember to buy and use a reflector (Heijastin) during dark winter times. They come in all kinds shapes and colours/patterns. Many stores carry them, you can just attach them to bags or jacket's hem or if it's a strap version, jacket's sleeves.

Lelu - Toy
Lelukauppa - Toy store
Kirpputori / Kirppis - Fleamarket / Thriftstore
Tarjous - Bargain
Alennus - Discount
Ale - Sale

-Buying new items-

Kamppi shopping centre

BR-Lelut - 3. floor
Toy store chain that has many stores located in various cities. Central Helsinki has two stores.

Gamestop - E. level 
Gaming store, has Funko Pop figures, Nintendo and various other game figures and other stuff like Plushies and T-shirts.

Heureka Shop - 2. floor
Science related toys and items.

Forum shopping centre


Moomin Shop - 2. floor
All kinds of Moomin related stuff.

BR-Lelut - 3. floor
Toy store.

Kilala - 3. floor
Small store, cute items and accessories from Japan.

XS toy store - 6. floor
Toy store chain from Estonia.

Stockmann Herkku
I also would like to recommend Stockmann Herkku-section. It's a very fancy food store, contains lot of interesting food products which aren't available anywhere else. Prices are a tad bit higher than normally.

Kaivopiha, 00100 Helsinki
Store is located in Kaivopiha area, it's a bit hidden due to not being straight up visible from the streets.
There are signs outside. Just walk hallway down past Subway to the end and you will find the store.

Store contains lot of manga in English and Finnish, lots of board games also in English, trading card stuff, collectibles, figures, lot's of miniatures and painting supplies.

Yrjönkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki
Traditional toy store. Wooden toys, dolls and such.

Mannerheinmintie 47 C, 00250 Helsinki 
Located further up north, not in the central area.

Very small shop with Japanese items such as Ghibli movie products and candy. Items are a mix between authentic ones and bootlegs.

Toys 'R' Us
Voimakuja 2, 10510 Vantaa
If you happen to be able to either drive or ride a car, you can find large Toys 'R' Us toy store north of Helsinki, in Vantaa area.

Other noteworthy shops

Annankatu 24, Helsinki
Japanese products, some food items and candy, pottery like cute rice bowls and tea cups, kitchen utensils and kimonos.

Simonkatu 10, 00100 Helsinki
For your crafting supply needs.

-Buying used items-

I unfortunately have very limited info on this part.
Central Helsinki does have some fleamarkets, but they are mostly for clothing and such.
I also have not visited them much, so central Helsinki is not very good for finding treasures.
(Or I don't just have enough knowledge of such places)
Fida recycling centres do have toys, so take a look if you come across one.



You can ask me if you have any further questions.

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